Wednesday, November 30, 2011


           Erin’s Pavilion is one of the newest and most popular venues to Springfield which is located at 4965 S. Second Street. It sits at  15,000 square feet including a 4,900 sq. ft. banquet hall can accommodate up to 330 guests for a wedding or social event. One of the goals of Erin’s Pavilion is to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which utilizes sustainable and renewable resources. Signature can help achieve this with the rental of our China, LED Lighting, and our reusable polyester napkins, all items uphold the “go green” effect of Erin’s.

As a venue they offer:
·       4,900 sq. ft. main banquet hall
·       Banquet Hall can be sectioned into four separate meeting rooms, each with a beautiful view of the lakeside terrace
·       Ceremony on the terrace with access into the main hall for reception after
·       Three ADA accessible program rooms
·       State-of-the-art Audio Visual systems and projectors to enhance any event or meeting
·       Package Rates including: Rental of the Main Hall and/or Rental of 1, 2, or 3 Sections; Audio Visual Packages. Check out their website for details.

Although Erin’s Pavilion is well known for wedding ceremonies and receptions it is also a popular venue for social events as well. Signature Event Rental and 5 Flavors Catering has assisted in numerous events including: Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, and even large Expo’s. Erin’s pavilion has a great outdoor terrace, perfect for one of Signature’s large white tents. Tent’s used at Erin’s pavilion are perfect for a nice outdoor summer party by the lakeside or even just for your cocktail hour before the reception. Erin’s has all the tools you need to make your event just perfect, from their signature list of caterers to their preferred vendors, there is no way you will miss out on a thing.

You can find out more about Erin’s Pavilion by visiting the Springfield Park District’s website at or by contacting their office at 217.753.0702

Erin's Hours: The sales and service office is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm
Lobby Hours on Saturday from 9am - 3pm and Sunday from 9am - 12pm

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Illini Country Club is a 28,000 square foot clubhouse and surrounding grounds, featuring a view of the beautiful golf course located at 1601 Illini Road, Springfield, Il 62704.

 As a venue they offer:
      ·       4,000 square feet of space 
      ·       Outdoor ceremony site
·           ·       Seating for up to 300 people
·       Award winning on-site Executive Chef 
·       Professional event planner on site
·       Custom Menus
·       Inclusive packaging featuring tables, chairs, service ware, and event staff
·       Member events and sponsored event don’t pay a rental fee for space

All Wedding events include the following:
·       White Table Linens, Napkins and Table Skirting
·       Tables and Chairs
·       Centerpieces
·       Head Table, Gift Table, and Registration Table Set-up
·       China, Flatware, Stemware
·       Hardwood Dance Floor
·       Choice of 2 Entrées
~Add a third entrée +$2.00 to package price
~Upgraded entrée +$4.00 to package price

Signature Event Rental is a preferred Vendor for Illini Country Club, they continue to work together on a weekly basis. Signature helps in providing the items listed above, as well as making sure they are in great condition and delivered in a timely manner prior to the event. When talking with Sophia Beebe, Director of Sales and Marketing at Illini Country Club I asked, “What do you expect from us as a vendor or why do you think you can count on us?” She answered, “I have worked with Josh for several years now, I can always count on him to provide good quality products…we have maintained a good working relationship, which is why I would have no problem giving him a referral”

I believe it is very important for a venue to have a preferred vendor because of the relationship that is built. Illini Country Club has chosen Signature as a preferred vendor, which is very beneficial to both their venue and to their clients. In having a vendor for your venue, it eliminates multiple contacts, which can be nothing but confusing leading up to your big day.

For information on Illini Country Club, Please Contact:
Sophia Beebe at 217.546.4614 or visit their website at
You can also find her at The 23rd Annual "Just The Way You Are" Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, January 9th, 2011 from 10am to 3pm at The Crown Plaza Hotel in Springfield, IL

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Forgetting about the Ceremony: When planning a wedding, it is important not to forget the details of a ceremony. It is important to choose the right music, readings, vows, and even the décor, so that it matches both your personalities. Personalizing these parts of the ceremony will go a long way in making your ceremony one of a kind.

Not personal enough: Make sure the reception speaks volumes about you and your loved one

Underestimating the affect of Entertainment: If your DJ is boring or cheesy, that is the way your reception is going to be remembered. What’s important is making sure you and your DJ are on the same page and have similar personalities so that he or she can accommodate your needs. Make a list of Do’s and Don’ts in regards to your song choices.

Cheap Photography: Photography is important; and sadly you cannot see everything that happens on your wedding day without one. From the cute flower girls throwing petals at your guest as she walks down the aisle to your Uncle dancing to the Macarena on the dance floor. Hiring a Photographer and a Videographer are the best way to remember your big day without missing a thing. One last tip, make sure you coordinate your picture times to avoid being rushed before or after the ceremony.

Not have a Back-Up Plan: When choosing an Outdoor wedding as your venue, make sure to ALWAYS have a back-up plan. Look for a few venue options that don’t require a reservation. For Example, if your ceremony is taking place outside of your reception’s venue, make sure there is the option to move it inside where the guests can still sit at their tables as planned and an aisle can be made for the Beautiful Bride to walk down. It is also very important to notify all of your vendors of these possible changes, so they can have a back-up plan of their own.

Going Over Budget: We all know what we spend our money on is important to us, which is why when planning a wedding it is important to prioritize. If an expensive dress is important to you, then maybe cut back on your flower arrangements. If the there isn’t much lighting in your venue, look into spending a little more on a lighting package compared to a lot of table décor. Another way to cut your cost’s, is finding packaged deals from vendors or limiting the amount of vendors you hire. Finding a Caterer who works closely with other vendors can help with a possible discount and relieve you from some stress, knowing that they will work well together. One last tip is to think about adding 10% to your total, so you can stay under budget.

Not hiring wedding professionals: Take the stress off yourself. I and many others can promise you will have plenty to keep you busy. Trusting your vendors and event planners is the first step to a successful and stress free wedding. You never want to take on more than you can handle, especially when it comes to your wedding. Entrust in the professional, yet make sure they understand your vision. There is a lot ofopportunities to DIY, but leave the big things up to the professional. It’s always worth it.

Not having a clear idea of your special day: Doing your research is the key to having a successful wedding day. Research your venues; it is important to ask what they can provide for you, and what you will need to do on your own. Make sure you are choosing things for your wedding that your guests will enjoy, but more importantly, YOU.  Never lose sight of who the day is really about, and what each of you would like to see on your special day and remember forever.

You don’t have an Itinerary: It is important to have a list of your special day from the time you wake up to the time you leave the reception. Vendors especially need this, so they are able to accommodate your every need. A point of contact is another key component to the itinerary, in the case that things change or a question needs to be answered, it is crucial to have another point of contact like the Event Planner, a close family member, etc.

Not discussing the Food in detail: An event’s menu presentation can sometimes be over looked at a wedding; not many realize all the different ways one can present. Whether it is a Formal Plated Dinner, Stations, Buffet, and Passed Appetizer’s; it is important to clarify the way you would like the food to correspond to your ideas and event décor. It is also important to clarify how the caterer operates during the venue; Do they have their own wait staff? Do they set up at the venue? Do they cook on-site? Do they clean up after?

Please Contact us today, so that we can help prevent these mistakes from happening!
Signature Event Rental
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Springfield, Il62704

Friday, October 14, 2011

How to choose your Rental Vendor?

When it comes to choosing a rental vendor there are a few things one should keep in mind, one is the rental inventory. Do they have a wide variety? Will they accommodate your needs? Are they friendly when calling to inquire about rental items?  These are very important questions to ask yourself when looking for a rental vendor.

 We all know how hard it can be to make a decision on an event as big as a wedding. Not only the decision itself but how often one may change their mind. The more variety a company has the easier it can be on yourself and the stress of making things perfect. In finding out if they can accommodate your needs as a client; it is good to know what other services they offer. Our rental company offers one on one consultation with clients in planning their event and answering any and all questions they may have.  Another perk of some rental companies, like us, is the ability to show our clients a detailed layout of what their event would look like in using a computer aided drafting system.

              Customer service is number one when looking for a vendor. So when one is searching for a company, you obviously want to look for a friendly “hello” when calling or stopping by. First impressions are extremely important in any business, and should be taken seriously by employers and the client. How someone responds to your initial inquiry of the company can set the tone for the rest of your experience.